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  1. How do I buy Barcode Producer?
  2. I lost my activation code.
  3. Is there a demo version of Barcode Producer available?
  4. Do you have sample barcode images I can download?
  5. Why is the last digit of my retail barcode wrong?
  6. What kind of barcodes can I make?
  7. How do I make barcodes smaller than the minimum size?
  8. How do I set and calculate Bar Width Adjustment (a.k.a. BWR)?
  9. What are my printing options?
  10. How do I buy a plug-in when I already own Barcode Producer?
  11. How do I move my license to a new machine?
  12. Does Barcode Producer work with the latest OS?
  13. How does Barcode Producer licensing work?

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